Fashion Trends!

Okay todays fashion item that is going trendy is…


Be unique and try our new trend of wearing sunglasses to make your outfit go from okay to CHIC!Some examples of fashionistas totally rocking sunglasses are:Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 12.15.52 PM

  • I wore a blue polka dotted bikini ( buy from High Tide for 1900 stars)
  • Striped towel( also from High Tide for 1200 stars)
  • FABULOUS magenta sunglasses( Le Shop 1000 stars * recommanded for diva look*)
  • BOHO winter flower( ONLY 750 stars at Stella Salon * recommended for a girly look*)
  • Silver Ruby Earrings(750 stars at Le Shop )
  • Super Model Hair ( Caption Cody)
  • Cleopatra’s sandals ( Wizard domain *A VERY POPULAR TYPE OF SHOE*)
  • Guitar ( lol I think it use to be from the board shop)

REMEMBER:Wearing bikines in Fantage can rather make you look really hot on Fantage , or some’s going to tell you to put some clothes on . To prevent embarrassment, I suggest to wear it more on the beach then in public or to cover it up with a towel( the example above). This prevents it from being too revealing, and can add a more Hawaiian look to it.


I  call this one City Chic Hipster ( or CCH for short). I put some cheap member clothes in it since,  Fantage has made it a lot easier for Nons to afford cheap member items.The glasses made the Fantagian look more towards the hipster side and the corsage is just to show a mockery of looking ” casual” on prom. ( I will be doing a prom version for fashion trends as well!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 12.53.37 PM

  • Hot n Cool style hair ( Spin the Wheel event! )
  • Pawn Shirt(I think Checkers event)
  • Blue pleated skirt (500 ecoins * use to be a lot cheaper thought* )
  • Blue Geek Frames ( 850 ecoins)
  • Midnight Black Flats ( 200 ecoins)
  • Gold earrings ( 150 ecoins * a must have item!*)
  • corsage ( prom event)
  • Classic Skateboard (1500 stars * Best Non Mem Board*)

Please leave a comment below telling me if you enjoy the look! Rate from 1-10, and if you guys enjoy I will make more fashion trending Fantage ! Thank you for reading 🙂 You’re all beautiful!



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